The Pilot

Jim McTaggart

The pilot, Jim McTaggart, was educated in Glasgow.

He learned to fly at the Glasgow Flying Club in the early '70s while persuing a career in civil engineering. To finance his professional licence, he spent two years building air strips in West Africa, before moving to Texas as a flying instructor and crop sprayer.

This was followed by oil exploration in "The Empty Quarter" of Saudi Arabia, logging time on the DeHaviland Twin Otter.

Airline type flying then became his lot, interspersed with forays into a world wide oil survey (firing lasers from the bottom of a Dornier 228) a spell in the Sudan on UN relief work under the world food programme, and quasi military work for the Nigerian Government.

He has a total of 10,500 flying hours and as well as display flying on the Starduster, Yak 52, SE5a and Chipmunk, flies night mail around Europe in a Fokker F27.

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